About substance

Co-founders Lindsay and Jamie joined their photography and marketing worlds to provide social media SUBSTANCE to small businesses. Specializing in styled photoshoots, product photography and offering a unique subscription-style contract option, SUBSTANCE will ensure you have the visual content for your social media feeds. 



Lindsay skeans
co-founder / Photographer 

Lindsay is our resident photographer. She's been snapping weddings and families at Lindsay Skeans Photography for the past eight years. Originally from Vancouver where she earned her Photography Degree from VanArts Linds now lives in Calgary with her husband, daughter, soon-to-be son, and munsterlander (google it). 

FUN FACT: she's sucks at spelling



Jamie Bray
co-founder / branding specialist 

Jamie graduated from Mount Royal (long before it was a "university"... don't do the math), with a Marketing Management diploma. After spending the last 10 years in the Advertising world, nothing gets her heart racing more than a clean inbox. Born and raised Calgarian Jamie loves exploring the city with her kids and hubby!

FUN FACT: she's super indecisive

FAVORITE SUBSTANCE: coffee... pinot noir... a cold beer.... (see? indecisive!)